1. New Ep "The L.A. Sessions" recorded in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  The EP will  be released on 6 November 2020, preorder now. Vinyl + digital download




-Side A:

1. Dirty Money 

2. Somebody to Love  

- Side B:

3. Fever

4. Wait 





All The song written by Susan Santos & recorded at the first of December 2019 in Los Angeles, CA


Guitar and Vocals by Susan Santos

Bass by Fabrizio Grossi

Drums by Tony Morra

Backup vocals track 1 by Fabrizio Grossi


Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Fabrizio Grossi at Sound of Pisces Music in North Hollywood, Lon Angeles, CA

Mastering by Peter Doell at Aftermaster Studios in Los Angeles, CA


Preorder EP "The L.A. Sessions" Vinyl + digital download